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Effective, empathic
therapy in English

The help you need to feel good again

We all struggle from time to time. And it can be hard to cope on your own.

You might need support and guidance to help deal with emotional distress, see things more clearly, build stronger relationships, manage a crisis or simply be happier within yourself.

I’m an experienced, friendly psychologist from Australia, and I offer individual therapy for adults in Paris. I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology, am a fellow of the University of Sydney and was awarded the Australian Psychology Society Prize in 2015. I'm licensed and registered to practice both in Australia and in France and am the director of the Paris Psychology Centre, a mental health centre for English-speakers in Paris. My standard fee per session is 140€.

People seek my services for many reasons:



Whatever you might be going through, I can offer a caring, non-judgemental space where your story can be heard. My consulting rooms are in Paris, but I also provide online sessions for those living elsewhere.

My work draws both on my training as a psychologist and my own life experience, including many years of living as an expat. I use a range of evidence-based treatments, which have been scientifically validated to improve emotional wellbeing and resilience. This means that you can be confident that your time spent in therapy will be worthwhile.

It would be my privilege to help you feel better about your life, your relationships and, most importantly, about you.

"When we are no longer able to 
change a situation, then we are challenged to change ourselves..."


Viktor Frankel

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