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About me...

I began my training at the University of Sydney, where I graduated with the University Medal in Psychology. I received a further Masters of Clinical Psychology from the University of Technology Sydney. I have worked as a clinician at the Anxiety Disorders Clinic of St Vincent's Hospital, at the Centre for Mental Health at Concord Hospital, both in Sydney, and in a range of private settings. I am a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and a fellow in Abnormal Psychology at the University of Sydney. I am a member of the Australian Psychology Society and the British Psychology Society. I was awarded the Australian Psychology Society Prize in 2015. 

Before becoming a psychologist, I worked for more than a decade as a writer and magazine editor. In various high-powered publishing companies around the world, I got first-hand experience of the toll that stress can take on ordinary people. I saw people around me besieged with worry, overwork and negativity. I became interested in questions of why some people flourish, and some flounder. I also began to wonder if there was a better way of being happy in the modern world. I also became increasingly certain that a life of service to others was the most meaningful. This took me down the path of exploring psychology – and I've never looked back. 


My training in psychology allows me to treat a wide variety of problems, including a broad range of mental disorders. I have experience leading people out of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, relationship problems, work and family issues… It's also sometimes the case that my clients don't even know exactly what's wrong – they just feel bad, or like they've lost their way. A crucial part of therapy is gaining insight and clarity, as a first step to feeling right and getting back on track. I'm passionate about helping people, and make a commitment to providing clients with the tools they need to achieve long-lasting emotional balance, wellbeing and happiness. 

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